Modern restaurateurs have to use modern tools to attract guests.2.08 billion people used smartphones in 2016 and the figures are only increasing. Smartphones, laptops, and tablets of the 2.0 universe are the new age tools to plan and promote your business so you can spend more time in your restaurant. A picture on Instagram is worth a thousand words. An online menu with pictures of the dish is a strong persuader of potential customers.To attract impulsive diners and planned dinner outings, it is now virtually a mandatory requirement for restaurants to have their own websites and apps.

To optimise the impact of a restaurant’s online presence, the following five points needed to be paid attention to.

1. The Menu


Statistics show that 88% of adults check restaurant menus and reviews online. That’s a whole lot of potential guests for you, checking your menu offerings online. An onlinemenu needs to have the balance of giving out all the vital details so that it results in curiosity and not suspicion. It shouldn’t have too many details that the customers dissect your menu from outside of your restaurant and don’t actually enter it. Cracking the menu design is crucial.

2. Reviews & Rating Section


Be it an app or a website, there has to be a mechanism to highlight your strengths to your potential customers by letting them see what your existing customers have to say about the restaurant, its food, service and the overall experience. Along with added credibility, reviews will also help your website rank higher with search engines; Google now displays the average review of a business and highlights top-rated local businesses.

3. Social Media Presence


Along with Websites and Apps Social media completes the triangle of online presence of a Business. After giving out information through Website and App, it is not time to hear what the customers and potential customers believe, feel and want. Social media also will help you to reach out to targeted people in a given area and generate a buzz around your restaurant to entice them to visit it at least once. Foodies post images of the food they are eating, social bees are posting minute by minute updates of their whereabouts and we want all your customers in your restaurant to let the world know that they are there and loving it. Use hashtags to drive discussions towards your restaurant’s USP and never let the discussion end since you have the option to engage and be engaged perpetually.

4. Loyalty Rewards & Discounts


According to Statista’s survey of 2015, 37% customers use the mobile app to look for discounts. While, 26% customers use the app for Redeeming/earning loyalty points. Did you know the fact that the cost of attracting or acquiring a new customer is 5 times higher than the cost of keeping one? So it makes for sound business sense to spend on building brand loyalty by having loyal customer IDs offering reward points for each order or visit to the restaurant and pampering them with discounts and special treatment. Please note that Starbucks successfully increased their sales by 80% when they introduced loyalty programs!

5. Payment Platforms


The restaurant’s online presence should have easy and convenient payment gateway options. It would be preferable if the app and or website has provision of multiple payment channels like credit card, debit card, popular wallets or even cash on delivery or pick up. The ability to pay for their orders beforehand takes customer convenience one step ahead. Other than that, customers who order online tend to visit the restaurant 67% more often than those who don’t. While, 26% customers state they use a restaurant’s app for the ease of making the payment for their orders beforehand.Not only does it make the lives of your customers easier, it also improves your efficiency and accuracy for handling orders.


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