Best Food eCommerce Websites To Know About

It is a fact that you will find several websites based on food industry over the internet. However, you may not find all of them equally attractive. Now, a few among them manage to stand out and this greatly depends on the features or functionalities they offer or the unique design they present in front of the audience.

You need to put in some extra efforts to create a unique place for yourself in the market when you are trying to promote your existing food business in the digital marketplace by creating website.

A few things that you should do is to come up an excellent design, seamless navigation, enthralling calls-to-actions, and faster loading time. Taking care of these key points will help your business generate more online sales. Our interest in food eCommerce has encouraged us to stay on top of every happenings and thereby keep an eye for the ones that are performing best in the market.

So, here we are with a list of some of the most successful food eCommerce brands that are doing well in the market and inspiring us to do the same.

Kodiak Cakes

Kodiak Cakes is a leading brand that provides whole grain pancake/ waffle and baking mixes. Their range of breakfast mixes are focused on providing important nutrients to their customers through their products to help them go all day long the same way, no matter what! They come with an exciting range of products like pre-made mix for breakfast dishes, fruit syrups to frozen waffles. Moreover, they even come with cups of instant breakfast options which can be microwaved for a few minutes and consumed on the go!

What attracts their website?

If you take a look at the website, the first thing you will see is a table set with Kodiak Cakes items on the left side and the pain point on the right side that no one will leave unnoticed in this fast moving world!

food ecommerce websites img1

If you proceed further, you will see how beautifully they have described the idea of having nutrient-rich breakfast. Their love for natural foods and the good intentions to come up with something that is not processed and closer to nature has been explained well.

If you scroll down more you will see a glimpse of their products and recipes listed out with attractive and lively pictures that will leave you drooling.

Then there is a dedicated section that lists out the customer reviews the brand received on different products.

The eCommerce side

If you want to look at the varieties of products available at the store, simply click on the dropdown icon for “Shop” category mentioned on the top-left-hand side of the homepage. You will see a number of product options as mentioned below:

food ecommerce websites img2


You can easily follow the category you like and browse options as you go. Again, something interesting that I found here was that when you hover on the categories, you will also see numbers displayed in brackets along the line. This is nothing but the number of products listed under the said category!

Every product page displays a set of information for the customers. Now this includes the information on ingredients inside the box, a link to see its nutritional value, reviews & ratings – on the left side.

Now the information on the right side is to help you shop as per your needs. It includes quantity to choose, purchase type, availability of product in-stores and direct shopping through “Add To Cart.” It also let you know the minimum value for free shipping and a set of images to know the product well.

food ecommerce websites img3

The products added to the cart can be easily accessed from any page as it remains at the top on right side of the page. This will help you to proceed to checkout whenever you wish.

To put it together, Kodiak Cakes has done well when it comes to keeping the customers engaged through story-telling and making shopping for products a seamless option.


If you look at the website of Hippeas you will see funky colors with a playful twist. The company has used the same in their product packaging too. Hippeas is into snack-making business which is purely based on chickpeas. They believe to serve the modern-day hippies with their products.

food ecommerce websites img4

They have come up with an exciting video at the homepage that speaks more about their mission, brand’s belief and vision clearly. The brand believes in creating organic, vegan and gluten-free products that goes well with their audience, and it has been mentioned in the video.

food ecommerce websites img5

Through the video they also express their thoughts through effective and meaningful slogans like “Hippeas Supports Feeding America,” “Give Peas A Chance,” and “Peas, Love and Giving Back. “

food ecommerce websites img6

food ecommerce websites img7

food ecommerce websites img8

food ecommerce websites img9

What attracts their website?

So as said above, the website uses simple yet loud colors and the same reflects in their product packaging. This makes it easy for the customers to always remember the brand in their mind when they see these colors. Moreover, such simple use of design and colors make it easy for users to navigate the store and find the products as quickly as possible. The easier the site will be to use; the chances will be less that your visitors will leave your store.

The eCommerce side

Here the products have been categorized into puffs and chips which makes it easy for the shoppers to choose what they want and proceed further. If you look at the product page, you will see that the product is properly described using some pictures. Apart from that, price of the product and quantity available in the pack are mentioned. The information is followed by list of other important information like –

food ecommerce websites img10

food ecommerce websites img11

food ecommerce websites img12

Apart from that, it is easy for the shoppers to keep adding the products to the cart and check its contents from time to time as the cart always stays on the top right corner. So, all you have to do is to click on it and you will see the list of items you have selected, their quantities and price. Again, it will let you do direct checkout if you wish to browse no further.

You also get to let your customers know where your brick-and-mortar stores are to encourage them to shop from you online as well as from in-stores. Here you will also have the option to shop online and collect in-store later.

food ecommerce websites img13

To put it together, Hippeas website is all about branding by the use of colors on the website and flavors within the packs.


If you look at the website you will see that the story of Smashmallow starts with the statement –“No Ordinary Marshmallow.”

food ecommerce websites img14

food ecommerce websites img15

Smashmallow brings on table a variety of desserts like mashmallows, gummy, and crispy that are healthy and low in calories and the same has been nicely presented on their homepage. All their products are made using natural ingredients and the same has been projected well on their website too.

What attracts their website?

The use of light shades of colors and simple graphics is something that feels soothing to the eyes. They have used here hand-drawn elements throughout the pages which are either static or moving. Moreover, every image of products in here is catchy and can leave you salivating. Smashmallow has used quite a good number of such images on the pages -enough to keep the shoppers curious and engaged.

The website has come up with simple navigation menu, thus making things easier for the customers to navigate through and find.

If you go through the Snackpade section on their website, you will see that they have introduced their product ranges with right meal combination like with the morning coffee or with your lunch pack.

One more thing! They have also taken the pain to include recipe ideas using the products available here.

The eCommerce side

eCommerce is all about the business part. As a good online business, Smashmallow lets its customers to navigate through the products with ease by following various channels. Something that I liked about the store is that they have a vertical bar at the top with the cart which remains static even when you scroll the page. This means you don’t have to go back to reach your cart. Moreover, they have included “Find A Store” feature on their homepage as well as on each product page to let customers have the option to shop their way. This just increases convenience for the shoppers while increases the chance of more sales for business.

Overall, whether it is about using good design elements or presenting the store through easy navigation, Smashmallow has done a really good job.


Bobo’s is a food brand that focuses on healthy snacking. Their product line ranges from oat bars, protein bars, toaster pastries and bites. Bobo’s is all about offering wholesome and gluten-free snacking options to its shoppers.

What attracts their website?

The brand is more inclined towards offering healthy snacking options to its customers and the same reflects through their homepage banner. It has got all green color when talking about plant-based options.

food ecommerce websites img16

Just below that, the website showcases their products in simple yet elegant manner.

food ecommerce websites img17

Something that I liked here the most is that they are very open about what they are delivering through their products. Like the products being gluten-free, vegan, Non-GMO, Dairy free, Kosher and Soy Free. The same has been mentioned on each product page. This lets the brand create a sense of trust among the customers.

The eCommerce side

Something that I found saying here is that for any new visitor, finding products is not at all hard on Bobo’s. The homepage has multiple points to let you choose what you want and buy accordingly. Moreover, to encourage shoppers they also provide reward points at their site.

food ecommerce websites img18

Again, they also let you know the stores where all their products are available by providing the option of Find A Store Near You.

Again, to keep customers engaged with the brand, Bobo’s also lets you get social on their social media and they even share those interactions on their website. I think it looks welcoming for the customers.


Seedlip is a UK-based company that sells distilled non-alcoholic spirit. If you look at their website, you will see that the design is simple with minimalistic elements. The first section of the homepage itself lets the visitors to go ahead with shopping of beverages by placing the button “Shop Now” in the centre. Moreover, on the top-left corner of the page, there is a menu “Shop”. You will be taken to a page with list of various products when you click on it. You will then be able to shop for products as per your liking.

food ecommerce websites img20

What attracts their website?

Seedlip has used simple color combinations on the website. The “Story” section showcases a video which comes directly from the founder named Ben who is talking about the idea that led to Seedlip, which is “What you drink when you’re not drinking.” Following that, they have given a detailed description about how things are done there.

Again, something that seems interesting about Seedlip is that they have a Cocktails section on the homepage on the top-left site. Just click there and you will see 30 original cocktail recipes from Seedlip.

The eCommerce side

Any website needs to be easily accessible to the customers to generate more sales. The website has many spots on the homepage that encourages the users to go ahead and buy. Now this is something they have more along with the regular “Shop” section. Apart from that, the cocktails section shows us interesting recipes that we could try using Seedlip products. They have turned the page for each cocktail recipe into something interesting by adding in beautiful end-product picture as well as with a clean text explaining the ingredients and the making technique.

food ecommerce websites img19

The Seedlip site is more about simplicity, ease of shopping and they have made it a point to stay near to their roots.

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To keep it short, all our efforts will be to help your business get more exposure in the market and generate revenue in the process.

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