Technology touches every facet of our lives and with the arrival of mobile devices and cloud computing making more of an impact than ever, it’s hard to find a place today without a high-tech piece of hardware or software around and one of the places we are seeing more and more technology is in the food and restaurant industry. Online reservations, social media, payment methods, etc. technology has infiltrated the restaurant industry like never before.


Customers are already signing credit bills with their fingers on touchscreens and using apps to order at restaurants. Here are few ways in which technology has changed the restaurant industry…

  • Mobile Technology:


In a world of smartphones, it’s important to have your restaurant websites accessible in a small screen for that two design techniques are used one is responsive and other is adaptive designs. According to recent research, it was found that 60 percent of all searches are made via smartphones so it’s important for a restaurant to have easy access to websites and should be friendly in use for customers.

  • Social Media:


Being active on social media helps restaurants build their own individual brand and this way they can reach to more and more people. Many restaurants have started using Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media to reach new customers and create buzz for their restaurant which they can do in a unique way. Restaurant owners are engaging themselves more and more into updating and upgrading their restaurant content. They also allow their chefs to speak to their customer directly via Youtube or Google Duo. To build stronger relationships with their customer they update daily specials, tips about healthy recipes and an on-going event. Just one catchy update or a photograph can boost your restaurant sales.

  • Interaction with the public:


Today customer use internet for information for everything and if your restaurant is not on the web then it might have a big impact on a number of new customers you can acquire. People love to see everything on the internet from menu to restaurant ambiance before they actually hit the place. Make sure your restaurant is listed as many as food sites, for example, Yellow Book, Trip Advisor, etc. A Customer should be able to locate yours through a simple Google search.

  • Increased Risk Factors:


Technology gives you lot of benefits but along with it, it also brings some trouble causing the problem such as Data Breach and Cyber Liability. Hackers are always targeting you whether your business size is small or big. Most business finds it hard to survive if they fail to protect their data. Based on your revenue data breach policies can be purchased for few hundred dollars. So make a note to have a proper insurance coverage for your data.

  • Online Feedback:


Social media and Blogs have changed the restaurant industry on a wider scale. Online reviews by customers play an important role in turning things upside down for the restaurant’s reputation. It does good as well as can harm the potential of a restaurant by negative feedback. Customers share their personal experience by rating stars out of five and providing reviews and it is posted immediately which can spread awareness and give publicity and can also harm the restaurant business. So to save your restaurant from bloggers and negative online reviews one must work towards making a name for itself.

What’s next in Restaurant Tech?

  • Voice for payments and Billing
  • Staff using wearable technology
  • Robot Service
  • Virtual Reality Experiences.

Future of restaurant industry depends on getting right people getting them involved in developing new technologies for restaurants. Lastly, restaurant owners, staff, and customers are experiencing a huge change in dining out and technology will always have its place in this industry coming up with something new every time.


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