How Mobile ToThe Menu Will Help In Restaurant’s Business?

There’s a lot of preachy advice out there on how important it is to develop a mobile app and to make sure you have a strong mobile presence. Mobile is not a trend insteadit’s here to stay. Mobile is being used in every corner of the world it has seen the great impact and growth in last few years. In fact, mobile payments have also made their way and have grown $35 billion.

With the increasing demand for an app, more customers are expecting restaurants to provide tech tools such as smartphone food apps, electronic payment or mobile payment options at the table. If restaurants fail to meet customers’ expectations then are turning away potential diners.


The number of minutes spent using mobile apps and the mobile web has increased steadily while desktop usage has dropped. In any business, it is said that you should know your customer which helps in generating more revenue. So if they are using their smartphones as their main device, shouldn’t you be on it? And this way you can engage with them any time of the day.

Say, your customers are online now and most of them are using mobile phones and if you fail to reach them where they spend their maximum time then you are missing out on a huge opportunity. So read on to find some of the important reasons on why you should add mobile to the menu:

  • Stand Out From Your Competitors:


With app building platforms making everything easier and more affordable, small businesses and restaurants can no longer avoid the benefits of having a mobile app, be the part of the first wave will allow you to be more noticeable when you promote your app and its features and benefits to customers. It will also help you in reaching new customers. To be in the competition you have been different and faster than others. Technology helps in increasing sales and it will make restaurants more productive and thus gives their restaurant a competitive edge.

  • Reach The Right Audience:


Push notifications don’t receive nearly as much attention as they should. Apps using push notification have a 26% higher app open rate, along with 92% higher retention rates. Push notification works because people use their mobile devices most of the time; they are more precise and can be digested more easily than an Email message. They are permission-based marketing so when someone opts-in to receiving push notification so this way you already know that they have an interest in your business. Most marketing depends on you being able to deliver the right message to the right audience in the right place and at the right time.

  • Be The Part Of Social Media:


One of the best parts of integrating a mobile app into your restaurant’s other online profiles is the ability to collect more reviews and comments. Customer share positive experiences on social media are a great way to advance the word of mouth and social proof around your business. It also helps in boosting restaurants reputation in the market which leads to increase business over time.

  • Technology is for Everyone:


Through technology, everyone is connected. When we go out first we think that where to eat and here the drive for constant connection pays off for brands. People prefer places where WiFi is available and this can help brands collect data via WiFi to personalize experience which will lead to more repeat visits.

  • Technology is for Everyone:


With so many competing brands and a very large marketing budget, today business and its brand awareness should reach everywhere. You can create buzz with promotion, delicious food, and dazzling décor but without mobile, it’s all nameless. The customer might not use your app every day but as long as they have the app installed but they sure see your app icon almost every time they use their phone. It will increase your restaurant’s popularity and more you will have more loyal customers.

  • Customer asks for Mobile Payments:


Contactless card payment is now commonplace and with tap-and-go mobile payments, customers are happy that they don’t have to stand in a long queue. More than 55% restaurants find electronic payment systems easy and convenient. When it comes to ordering 71% customer between 18 to 34 prefer to place an order for them from a tableside tablet if it is available.


Some Recommended Features:

  • Display Restaurant hours, locations and phone number.
  • Offer in-app promotions and deals.
  • Share menus and daily specials. (This will let customers review dishes within app)
  • Allow Customers have their favorite dishes in a list to speed up to order process.
  • Share Instagram or Pinterest pictures via the gallery of your dishes.

Bottom Line

Today, Customer switches to using mobile devices more than desktops. It offers more benefits than the website. Hence, the idea to develop an app is a good idea, to work on making it a reality is too much for busy restaurant owners to handle but one should always go with the flow and so to sustain in the market one needs to welcome technology whenever needed.


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