Running a restaurant? Hook with hungry customers online and pull them through your doors with a vibrant website! Having a good website is essential for the success of the restaurant business as it may attract customers both directly and indirectly.

In this digitally advanced world with smartphones or tablets with almost every person, people like to browse through the website to check for the menu items or services online or check for any other thing which may tantalize them before physically visiting the place.

Thus, it is very important for restaurants to be available online and provide necessary information to the customers and encourage them with optimized features to ultimately visit the place. The primary goal of any restaurant must be ‘conversion’ which is to drive new business and with feature-rich website reaching the goal will be easy.

These are the 5 must-have features for every restaurant website which may help them enable online conversions and will make difference in their business:

1) A mobile-friendly responsive design

A check on mobile-friendliness is a must! In the recent years, almost 30% of the traffic comes from the mobile searches and this number is only going to increase in the near future.

Make sure your website has a responsive design and is mobile-friendly to ensure it is easy for everyone to find information about your restaurant from anywhere, anytime on the go! Give your customers a fantastic experience on their handheld device with an easy to browse and scroll mobile friendly website along with location maps and click-to-call functionality so that visitors can easily call you just with one tap.


2) Online Reservations

With online reservation functionality, you can now never miss on any business opportunity and can tap customers 24 hours a day. You can ease the booking process by using free bookings feature or live bookings or open table to attract food lovers and convert them into outright customers.

Not only online reservations may help you with conversions but will also help in many ways like streamlining the whole reservation process, freeing up the staff time and helping them to focus on serving customers better. Also, you can turn first-time customers into repeat customers by using their information ethically for future marketing.


3) Usability for clear user experience

A clean and clear user experience is very important to visit your website and spend more time in browsing the services and thus converting any potential customer.

The most important things like menu, hours of operations, online bookings, and phone number must be prominent on the home page or must be easily accessible through navigation. The menu on the website is the most important thing, it is a gateway into a world of succulence. Make sure the menu expresses your eateries and services noticeably.


4) Social Media Integration

In this era when more than half of today’s generation is on social media, reaching and connecting with your potential customers will be easy. So use the power of social media and integrate your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or news feed right onto your website.

With people more inclined to get the reviews first before visiting any restaurant, syncing your social media accounts and managing your views should be taken into consideration to find and attract new customers.


5) Strong photos and custom branding

Photos in any field are the bestselling tool and in case of restaurants, you can bank on your strong photos to attract customers. Strong photography not only gives your visitors a more compelling and appetizing experiencebut also help build a brand through recognition of food and its style.


If you have so spent so much time in crafting the dish, why not spend some time in displaying the art to the world in style and market your product. Sometimes even the site design, colour scheme, picture layout, colours and fonts help build a strong brand, so customize your branding that best fits your brand and make your customers happy!


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