Solve Restaurant Turnover Problem with Cloud Based Technology!!!

To be in the food industry and to run a restaurant is not an easy task. Daily restaurateurs face new problem from rent cost to constant upgrading menu. Another challenge which is common in every corner of the world is high employee turnover. It is said that a skilled employee can boost your restaurant profit but only when he/she stick to a particular restaurant for a longer period of time.

National Restaurant Association has made a research which shows rising turnover rate for restaurant employees has a significant impact on overall restaurant profit. Hiring, training and retaining staff are a huge responsibility for restaurant managers. A lot of time is given to this activity and because of that other factors are ignored such as to enhance marketing efforts and ways to increase profitability. It’s difficult to manage front and back-of-house performance to meet the daily requirements if staff keeps on changing.


Choosing the right employee from the beginning is the most ultimate way but can we solve the restaurant turnover problem with cloud based technology and how?

Factors that influence high employee turnover:

  • Increasing number of part-time / Student workers
  • Seasonal workers
  • Opportunities for upward mobility by moving
  • Long Hours/little compensation
  • Poor communication

To solve this problem many are opting for cloud-based applications instead of proprietary client-server. The cloud-based application will give a clear picture of how business is running. It will also provide them the ability to reduce costs and resources and strength other tools such as increase usability and strengthen security and improved flexibility.


Key Benefits of Cloud-Based Tools:

  • Less Expensive:

It’s inexpensive as everything is done virtually so capital is no longer required to do the basic processes running; in fact, an app allows operators to rent the service rather than buying them.

  • Usability and Flexibility increases:

Compare to traditional solutions on-going costs reduces which help managers to focus on running a restaurant business instead of managing technology.

  • High Productivity:

Cloud application increases productivity and it helps in ease the pain of high workforce turnover in the restaurant industry as staff learns everything easily on “Training Mode” on a cloud-based POS system which enables them to walk through workflows like inputting and canceling an order, splitting checks, taking payment, etc. Without interrupting the regular flow of work. It also enhances employee skills and confidence on the very first day of their job.

  • Balance in Front and Back of house:

Cloud-based solutions provide faster, easier and broader business insights leading to better decisions by managers.


  • Minimal Training:

Managers don’t have to spend more time and resources on training the staff. Cloud-based tools allow managers to rapidly adopt and effectively use the application and increase processing time.

  • Faster real-time access:

Managers can identify the problems in service and solve them quickly and this in return will improve productivity for individual staff members and turnover risk can be reduced.


Apart from the discussed ones some reasons are personal like, workplace conflicts, the seasonal requirement which nobody can control irrespective of environment. In nutshell, to answer the above question asked is that yes, A cloud-based technology can reduce restaurant’s turnover problem.


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