What Makes A Good eCommerce Website “Great”?

This is an eCommerce era where the days of buying products from your local market are long gone. But make no mistake, the market is crowded as ever with competition skyrocketing every single day. 

But if you pay close attention, you can notice that some eCommerce sites are simply better than the rest, but have you ever wondered why? In eCommerce, there’s always something more than what meets the eye.

How can you build an e-commerce site that helps businesses stay on top? Is a visually pleasing website enough?

The equation to an excellent eCommerce site is complicated and there’s no one-principle-for-all. It depends on your product, brand, story and target audience. Foodo Tech has worked with dozens of popular e-commerce brands over the years and our sites are known for their fast loading time, immersive design, compelling calls to action, and easy to navigate user experience. 

In this article, explore some of the best food eCommerce brands with us whose websites are almost close to perfection and justify their brand’s value. We’ll be analyzing every tiny detail in hopes you’ll find inspiration for your own site here.  

Why Is Seedlip On This List?

Seedlip’s webpage is a classic example of how a simplistic design could sometimes elevate a brand’s outlook. Seedlip is a food and beverage brand that manufactures and distributes non-alcoholic spirits in the UK. Their one-of-a-kind product complements and supports their simplistic e-commerce site design. This doesn’t force them into creating a fancy site which companies with a lot of competition might have to do. 

This is Seedlip’s homepage with a nice and clean display of their product. Can you see how clear their purpose is? Without distracting the viewer with a lot of different options and product pictures, Seedlip’s homepage is pleasing to look at.

Even though a user can access these pages by just scrolling down the home page, there are also buttons and icons on the top-left and top-right of the homepage that will redirect you to these pages. 

The menu on the left would redirect you to their products page, cocktail options and their story (About Us) while the menu on the top right would take you to their blogs and cart. Have a look at their home page.

What Makes Seedlip’s Site Standout?

The Uncomplicated, straight-forward and easily accessible homepage with a beautiful fitting background and a clear display of their product helps Seedlip establish their brand perfectly. 

One can access their products by either clicking on the “shop” option from the top-left menu or by clicking the “Shop Now” button at the centre of the home page which accounts for easy navigability. 

The products in their shop are clearly categorized and labelled with attractive and real photographs.

Their “About Us” page is clear and crisp. It covers every aspect of their product and their brand including their story, ingredients, and cocktail recipes.

From An E-Commerce Aspect…

Seedlip has reduced the number of steps from customer landing to checkout which increases their sales probability. It also shows how elegant their brand is. 

The minimal animation on their “Add to Cart” option makes it extend from the right side of the video background they have used in their “About Us”. These are subtle things but they matter the most. 

Why Is BoBo’s On This List?

Bobo’s is a food brand that sells toasters, bites, oat bars, protein bars, stuffed bars etc., and they claim that their ingredients are simple and wholesome. 

Their oat bars are made from 100% organic whole grain oats that are gluten-free, soy-free, and Non-GMO. And they have done a really good job of portraying all these essential details on their homepage without making it seem too pushy. Have a look at their home page.

What Makes Bobo’s Site Standout?

Bobo’s site is a testimony to their values and the quality that they promise. Their home page is descriptive yet short about everything they’d like the world to know about their products. 

It never once does it look like they are trying to force information onto you. 

The first section of their homepage has a “shop now” option that’s placed inside a “current offer” tile which convinces people to buy their products before it ends.  

Their illustrations exactly showcase their brand’s vibe and cater to their target audience.

From An E-Commerce Aspect…

The hand-drawn product illustrations that are present on their homepage adds a vibrant dimension to it which could make potential clients eager to try them once. 

Since their protein bars are relatively new to their line-up, they have dedicated an entire section on their homepage to introduce their customers to the new product. 

To increase customer engagement and retention on their site, they’ve also added recipes that a client can try with their products. It also encourages potential customers to buy more than one of their products per checkout.

Why Is Kodiak Cakes On This List?

Kodiak Cakes manufactures and sells pancake/waffle mixes and other whole grain baking ingredients. Kodiak Cakes sells a ton of products that could easily make their home page cloggy and unorganised. But they have managed to do the contrary. 

They want their products to stand out from the over-processed, nutrient-deprived wheat ingredients that are available on the market. They cater to a wide range of products which includes oatmeal packs and Kodiak cups that are easy to cook on the go. They also sell waffle and toast mixes, syrups, snacks and other gluten-free products. Have a look at their home page.

What Makes Kodiak Cakes’s Site Stand Out?

The first thing that strikes your mind when you visit their home page is their immersive colour scheme with matching product images. Every single component in their site has a rustic and natural flavour to it which represents Kodiak Cakes’s story and their brand. 

When you scroll down their home page, phrases like “Whole Grains Taste Better” keeps re-emphasising their brand’s uniqueness. 

Instead of showcasing their ingredients, they display pictures of the outcome or recipes that you can make with them which is a great convincer on its own.

Instead of displaying all their products on their homepage, they have a clearly labelled section called “Top Selling Products”. This is a great place to start with. 

From An E-Commerce Aspect…

Instead of bombarding the customers with dozens of products immediately, their “Products” or “Shop” page has clearly sorted them into categories like “Baking Mixes”, “Syrups” and “Snacks”.

The top menu bar always stays there no matter how much you scroll down which makes their site easily navigable.

They have an option to buy every single product on a subscription basis which could potentially increase their customer base to purchase their products without much effort. 

Why Is Hippeas On This List?

Hippeas is an e-commerce brand that produces and distributes organic snacks made from chickpeas. Their homepage does a really good job of making their products seem so interesting, fresh and new with their interesting posters and illustrations.

The motto of Hippeas is to give back to the Earth and serve the “modern-generation hippies”. With their yellow colour schemes and lower-case words, they bring out an informal but joyful vibe to their brand. Let’s have a look at their home page.

What Makes Hippeas’s Site Standout?

Apart from their simple but matching colour schemes, Hippeas emphasize their mission and vision every chance they get which is to work relentlessly to end world hunger one chickpea at a time. And they work side-by-side as a partner with “Feeding America”. They have a convincing display of the same on their “About Us” page.

Their unique #peaslovegivingback hashtag has been given a prominent mention on their site which can help them cultivate organic curiosity on their social media handles. 

All their products follow the same colour scheme that’s on their website. This helps their audience create an association with these colours and their products in their mind making it easier to recognise in the future and also makes their product placements pleasing to look at. 

From An E-Commerce Aspect…

If you’re looking forward to converting new visitors to customers, you must have a good looking, easy-to-navigate site like the one Hippeas has.

Every time you hover over a product, a pop-up shows up displaying more information about the products taste, flavour and composition which is a cool subtle feature. It also allows you to directly add those products to your cart.

The “Cart” option is omnipresent in all their pages so a visitor doesn’t have to click on a new page to go to their cart. They do a really good job of removing any visual clutter that distracts their audience from buying their products. 

Why Is Smashmallow On This List?

Smashmallow claims that their marshmallows have much more to offer than the ordinary ones. They make good use of their site to display key information that differentiates their products from the rest in all the critical places. They offer a diverse range of products in a lot of different flavours that are a healthier alternative to other desserts available in the market. They start establishing how unique of a brand they are right from their homepage. 

What Makes Smashmallow’s Site Standout?

They establish all their unique selling points right on their very first page like “3 grams of sugar per serving” and “Free shipping on order above $40” which is enough to convince a potential client to try their product once. 

As you scroll down their page, you can see separate sections allocated to all their main products which then open up to a scroll bar with all their products.

The colour scheme of their web design is light, colourful, and fun which resonates with their branding and packaging.

From An E-Commerce Aspect…

Smashmallows’ site has moving hand-drawn graphic animations throughout their website which makes their site immediately pop out from the rest. 

They have several subtle ways to get their customers to the products page (from the top menu, and through the “explore” button at the end of every section on the home page).

The easy navigation setup doesn’t require you to go to a separate “Cart” page but instead, you can keep scrolling down the page and add products to your cart as you go. The “Cart Icon” remains static at the top-right corner.

They have also integrated their third-party selling points like physical stores and amazon into their navigation menu. So. if you’d like to shop through those sites, all you have to do is to directly click the links from the navigation menu on top. 

Would You Like To Own A eCommerce Site That Propels Your Business Upwards?

We live in a digital era where businesses find it impossible to survive without establishing their online presence. Most companies have fortunately begun to use the full potential of having their own eCommerce site. 

If you are a complete newbie, you’ll need a really good looking yet functional e-commerce site to make a strong first impression. This is where Foodo Tech comes in. If you found any of the aforementioned websites stunning, you’re in the right place because Foodo Tech can build one for you. 

Just talk to us about how you’d want your E-commerce site to look like. Do you want it to stay minimal yet elegant like Seedlip? Or do you want it to have a vibrant and modern look like Hippeas’s site?

Foodo Tech can align your vision that you have for your site but also manages to inculcate the best practices in the current E-commerce industry to increase retention, conversions and to build a loyal consumer base. 


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