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What? Now Technology lets you pay using your Face!

Technology has always surprised us with something new and innovative. This time technology got our face in a picture. Yes, you read correctly. Now you can pay using your face. You can pay without having to take out your wallet or even your smartphone. China has made this possible. This technology is known as facial recognition.

Customers at KFC in eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou will now pay for their meal with just a smile. KFC’s KPRO is the first restaurant to use the “Smile to Pay” system which is designed by Ant Financial Service Group, an Alibaba Group Affiliate.

The company has made sure that technology is secure as software analyses more than 600 facial features to make a match and uses a 3D camera and a “liveness” algorithm to reassure people aren’t trying to foot it with photos or videos of someone else.

How does it work???

Technology includes multi-step verification process which only takes about two seconds. First, it will do a facial scan using a 3D camera and customers who opt for facial payment must enter their mobile phone number to facilitate payment and then your order will be served by a human.


KFC introduced the KPRO restaurant in July to attract more customers by high lightning its trademark “finger-licking Good” fried chicken also the new restaurant’s menu includes items such as salads and juices.

Experts say that the introduction of facial recognition software in China has made possible by Country’s massive database of citizens’ ID photo along with huge amount of images collected by internet companies.


KPRO incorporated with other technology to provide customers with a convenient and connected dining experience. Now a customer can place an order at their tables by using digital Kiosks and can also use their mobile phones to scan QR Codes.

Smile! You just paid for that meal with your face!