Managing restaurant operations has been simplified significantly by the introduction of restaurant technology solutions. Most importantly, restaurants should adopt technology solutions to attract and serve diners. Thus, implementing various restaurant technology solutions to enhance diners’ experience has become increasingly important. Some of the Restaurant Technology Solutions worth investing in for their benefits are:

Restaurant Management Software

  • Provide faster service to diners
  • Optimizes use of manpower
  • Control production costs
  • Integrated guest history to enable customer relationship management
  • Manage Supplier and Product management
  • Streamline Contracts, Purchasing, Invoicing and Payment
  • Human Resources and Payroll management

Mobility Solutions for Restaurant Staff

  • Wireless order taking: steward can take orders from diners and send the KOT to the kitchen directly without moving away from the guests table.
  • Offline Sync: Steward can take orders from guest even while the mobile or tablet device is outside the Wi-Fi zone. Order taken offline mode can be processed and confirmed by the steward as he is back in the Wi-Fi zone.
  • Open Table/Floating Guest: Steward can tag moving guest as tables. For example, if a guest is at the pool side or on the dance floor, the steward can tag him or her as a table, take and track orders.
  • Happy Hours: This feature helps steward and guest to know discounts offered on food and beverages under happy hours and increase sales

Mobility Solutions for Restaurant Guests

  • Enables diners to view food items by recipe, image, video, recipe description, ingredients and more
  • Guests can customize their food by selecting predefined modifiers. For example, this feature helps your diner to let you know if he or she wishes to include or avoid certain ingredients
  • Guest can send special notes or instructions to the chef while placing their order. For example, if a guest wants his curry less spicy, he or she can instruct the chef about the same
  • Enables guests to see their final order summary including items ordered number of plates and price etc.

Mobile App for Online Ordering & Food Delivery

  • Just one tap leads to information and interaction. Your restaurant app logo is clearly visible on the screen of your customers’ smartphone.
  • Can give customers a unique welcoming and hospitable experience. All information is clearly presented in your own brand style. Browsing the menu is fast, smooth and user friendly which almost automatically leads to table booking.
  • Apps can communicate directly with users: send them promotion offers, discounts and information about special events. Your Catch of the Day, delivered instantly on the users’ smartphone.
  • Can collect data about customers and enhance their experience and loyalty through bonus points, loyalty programs, rewards and special offers.Get a detailed insight on customer behaviour, buying habits, sales trends.
  • Enables convenience in payment with multiple payment options and quick delivery of food
  • Generate analytics report to help you maximize the effectiveness of restaurant marketing, its performance and optimize its ROI.

Restaurant technology solutions have a very positive impacts on the bottom line of restaurants who are using them. More than anything, Mobile Apps &POS systems are leading to better dining experiences. This means restaurants are able to turn cater to more customers at the restaurant and door deliver. Some restaurants are using this newfound server availability to actually staff fewer servers and spend those labour resources on more kitchen staff and food runners.


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