Did you know that it costs a business 5x more to acquire a new customer than to profit on an existing one? Understanding your customer means understanding their values and sense of worth. We at Foodo Tech take note of the growing changes in customer trend and update strategies that give great results. We measure your marketing success to keep a track of the loyalty program that is rolled out. Besides ensuring your customer leaves happy with the experience, we also analyze the program's effectiveness.

Innovative programs allow the customer to fully engage with the brand—not just earn rewards—that translate into increased revenue.

CUSTOM features

  • Promote your restaurant and loyalty program via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with built in social media integration

  • Send updates to your network of followers about daily specials and events

  • Immediate communication with customers through text message or email

  • Customers can view their current point balance, available rewards, and even future reward prospects

other features

  • Customization

    Our software is designed to satisfy the needs of different businesses, allowing you to create a custom loyalty program that suits your business needs.

  • Easy set up and management

    Create your loyalty program in minutes with simple widgets. The program is set up to optimize usability and interface on different platforms.

  • Advanced Reward Types

    Configure different reward types including a percentage off, fixed amount discount, product or collection specific reward and etc.

  • Detailed Analytics Report

    Get a detailed insight on customer behavior, buying habits, sales trends. Use customer data like e-mail addresses, birthdays, anniversaries, gender, etc. to market targeted ads and generate more revenue.