Table Booking App Development

In a world of the digital era, who would want to spare time to visit or contact the restaurants to get a table booked? When one can do it online with the help of just a few clicks! Customers prefer to book their tables in prior and save their time via restaurant table booking app.

With the help of Restaurant Table Booking Application, you can raise the bar of your business. Foodo Tech provides you on-demand online restaurant reservations software. Our feature-rich solutions are enabled to view the different tables and ambience and can know about the different cuisines.

If you are also thinking to develop an app like a restaurant table booking app, Foodo Tech can provide you with customized solutions.

CUSTOM features

  • Reward Programs:

    You can attract more customers to visit your restaurant through rewards. Promotion codes, special deals, and advance notification will make customers feel special.

  • Gift Cards:

    Nowadays, people prefer gift cards over traditional cards like “Gift Tastefully”, “Receive Happily”, etc.

  • Online Payment System:

    Make things more hassle-free with online payment system.

  • History of Bookings:

    This feature lets you check the previous booking whenever needed.

  • Menu Selection:

    User can select food dishes from the menu in advance if their plan is already made.

  • Make Reservation:

    With this feature, your user can book the table instantly of their choice.

  • Get Rewarded:

    Restaurants have this amazing way of rewarding their customers from time to time for their loyalty and support to extend the customer base.

  • Manage Restaurant Reservation:

    Bookings and reservations can be made easily and conveniently around the clock instead of phone calls that can be made only during operational hours.

  • Share Experience:

    Customer can share their experience in the feedback section and in case of a bad review restaurant can make efforts to please the customer.

other features

  • Reservation Blocking

    The restaurateurs can block the reservation if they don’t want to allow online reservation for any specific day or time.

  • Advance Sales & Deposits:

    It provides reports and analytics about the customers, their booking behaviour like time, area, etc.

  • Maintaining Database:

    Add client’s data to the restaurant’s database. The restaurant can market their updated services to the clients and increase sales.

  • Reservation Management:

    Easily add and manage phone along with walking bookings with calendar style reservation diary.

  • Define Table Combinations:

    This feature automatically defines the table combinations as per the number of the audience added to it.