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Essential Features for a food eCommerce store to increase your sale.

As per Maslow’s Hierarchy of need,food comes as a very basic need and at the most bottom of the hierarchy, but for eCommerce, it took a long time to reach the bottom of the hierarchy andthe main reason for that is changing the habit for your most essential need is very difficult. But pandemics pushed everyone to change their basic habits, Now more people have started ordering food online than ever before, and now this is going to be a habit forever.

Our research says that food eCommerce features must distinguish at certain places looking at the nature and pattern of consumptioncompared to a general eCommerce store. Among the food also there are certain features which should be different vis-a-vis B2C and B2B food eCommerce website.

B2C/D2CEssential Features

  • Local or regional name of items
  • If you are into the food business you must be aware that the local name of the item is very important as many people don’t know the English name of the item. So showing together the local name of the item will help the consumer to easily understand the product and easy to search for also.

  • Clarity & Quickest delivery time
  • First plans are made than food ingredients or ready food is ordered, if plans are made then date and time is also fixed for the plan. Giving clarity on timing on delivery gives a clear indication to the consumer that, should they rely on you for not spoiling their plan.

    Another important point in food delivery is the quickest time to deliver, Most of the time maximum you can wait is 2 days after you order a food item. So you must make sure that the logistic arrangement you make for the quickest delivery of the food item.

  • Post/ZIP Code Availability
  • Being a perishable good you would be limiting the delivery areas where you can deliver the items in 2-3 days, So it is important that without wasting customer’s time you give them an option to check on the product page itself that would you be able to deliver certain food item in their area or not.

  • Delivery slot selection
  • Together with a date if you can give time selection to the consumer if you are doing same-day delivery then nothing better than that.

  • COD Facility
  • If you are selling your products in a third world country then Cash on the delivery facility will give you an immense boost up in selling your products, Many people in third world country still don’t use plastic money and if you are giving them a COD facility then selling your products will become very easy.

  • App
  • If you are into a product where repeat purchase is done at least once a month thenthe app becomes a necessary tool for the easiness of repeat purchase.

  • Easy Re-ordering
  • If it is a website or an app if you are into the food business reordering has to be very easy and convenient, as most people are going to do repeat purchases of food items every month. Once they create their favorite list easy reminders also need to be given by notifications to re-order the food item after a certain time.

Additional features

These are some additional features for your store which are not 100% necessary but if you have it then will definitely help In boost of sale of your products

  • Sourcing info
  • Food is the product where people want to know everything about it before consuming, after all our health is directly affected as per our food consumption. Giving information about sourcing gives an extra level of trust in our product.

  • Recipes
  • If your product is an ingredient to some other product or it can be used as a mixer then writing different recipes would be helpful to sell the product.

  • Nutritional information
  • Giving Nutritional information about your products is very important, the generation Z is very careful about their consumption of nutrition. Given health-conscious people are getting, writing calories in your product is also very essential.

  • Subscription
  • If you are into certain products where you know that every month certain consumption of your product is going to have then you should have a facility where you provide discounted subscription model whereby getting certain discount your consumers is getting delivery of your product every month automatically.

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