Is Technology Changing the Modern Restaurant Business?

Modern technology is everywhere and its affecting absolutely everything as the world comes to rely on accessibility and mobility and the restaurant industry is no exception. Technology has touched every aspect of the dining experience for customers as well as for restaurateur.


Technology is making things more and more convenient and easy for us. Hardware and software both are affecting the restaurant industry and diners across the world. Below are some of the thoughtful impacts on business and the way owners, managers and customers take it…

Mobile POS Systems:

Many restaurants are opting mobile POS system in place of fixed cash counter software. Ipad system has already made a lot of things easy like flexibility, faster service, sales and accurate order management still mobile POS system is the future when it comes to inventory or customer care.

Pay Individually:

When the bill is big it is difficult for both the group to split and sometimes it is important for the restaurant to do this task before they get a bill to the table. We are not talking about a smartphone app which allows you to pay later.

An on-table solution which would allow each party to pay individually and this has been realized by many restaurants and how it will affect customer’s choice to visit the place again. So, customized billing tech should be introduced more and more in restaurants.

No More Calling or Gesture:

Shouting or gesturing to catch the attention of the waiter is something that we all have done. In fact, it’s a real-time problem that disturbs our dining experience and to stop this disturbance, restaurateurs are opting for the modernized version of good old calling bell that would signal to the waiter.

This can be done in various ways such as by flashing light signals to the sophisticated computer system which will be linked to the customer’s compatible smartphone applications directly. We can say a great way to manage a business and win-win situation for both restaurant and customer.

Digital review:

Customer feedback is always beneficial for any start-up to find out what and where they are lacking. Earlier it was simple as people use to write things after receiving service. In writing, they write about their overall experience. A restaurateur can get proper feedback if feedback form is precise and fast to fill. Now customers give ratings and share their experience using social media.

Turn your first-time visitor into a regular customer:

There is software that allows a restaurant to record the name and food of first-time visitors. This technology helps you record the preference of customers. For instance, technology allows restaurants to know that particular customer prefers still water over sparkling water so next time when the customer visits the restaurant, staff will make sure to serve him still water. This is likely to spur the customer to keep coming back.


Technology is significantly changing the restaurant industry. Hence, foodies and people in restaurant industry must understand the importance and embrace technology wholeheartedly.


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