In this technology driven fast paced world, everyone wants everything delivered at their doorstep without undergoing unnecessary hassles. This is where the online e-commerce business steps in and has nailed its significance ensuring smooth online transactions. With a massive influx in the usage of smartphones, there has been a sharp rise in the usage of mobile applications for just about anything these days.

Even the food delivery apps are waging the race against time to deliver delight to customers and the man’s true love Pizzas are also now available online just at one click. The food delivery segment is thriving at a blistering rate and the pizza delivery app is the latest addition in the bandwagon. Many start-ups have entered the picture offering pizza delivery services where users can order their favorite pizza from their nearby favorite vendor and get it delivered at their doorstep within no time.


Presently on-demand food delivery mobile applications have been expanding step by step. To use the benefit of this pie of such developing piece of the overall industry, many pizza brands like Dominos, Pizza hut, Papa John’s have come up with their own pizza delivery apps to persuade their customers. According to a recent research, at least half of the sales of these brands are through the digital channels and mobile apps.

Pizza is a big business everywherein food market wherein major portions of the people eat pizza on any given day. On-time delivery plays a major role in delivering the meal to the consumers. Major pizza brands feel that online mobile ordering is taking the fast-food industry by storm. According to a recent research, by 2020 orders placed via smartphones will cover almost 10% of all the quick-service restaurant sales. At this point, mobile ordering is only projected to increase and it’s time majority of the pizza brands cash on the burgeoning opportunity and comes up with their individual pizza delivery apps which will deliver tangible business values.

According to one of the major players in the pizza market –‘Dominos, their sales have gone up by 19% due to the nascent mobile application. Setting a benchmark in the industry, the company grew its business by incorporating just one simple change and i.e. the mobile application.


When hunger strikes and when people feel lazy to cook food at home or step out to grab a bite, the popular pizza delivery services come to the rescue. In such scenarios, convenient mobile apps are the best thing which allows customers to order simply by opening an app sitting in the comfort of their home. Dominos have been the leader in the pizza delivery app segment demonstrating how mobile apps can help increase overall ROI as well as can boost customer loyalty.

The pizza chain is utilizing mobile to bring about what executives call the world of “stars everywhere.” Since everyone increasingly have their smartphones constantly by their sides, tapping into mobile has allowed a majority of the pizza brands to be constant in the lives of their customers, even when they aren’t eating pizza.


Still confused? Investing in a good mobile app can be a profitable venture for you in this digitally advanced world where in the technology have the potential to make orders more convenient, help you gain loyal customers as well as take your brand to a new height.


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