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Is IoT holds the future of HyperlocalFood Delivery Startups

Hyperlocal food delivery start-ups are trending in India. Home-grown solutions are solving local problems in a unique manner. The term has become the favorite to many entrepreneurs to describe it in their app description.

Hyperlocal is a word which is a combined form of applications on mobile devices and GPS technology. Though, the latest term added to the technology is Internet of Things (IoT). Altogether these technologies are troublesome industries which are providing their services and products through on demand delivery method.

The on-demand delivery app is about ordering almost anything, whenever you need it. They are built on mobility which is the movement of people, services, and goods with easy scheduling and payment options.

There are four sets of users:

  • The demanders which include end user
  • The facilitators or organizers are agencies (merchants)
  • The deliverers including delivery boys or we can say service provider
  • The app publisher, the one who makes money every time when an end user demands a service via app

India alone has faced more than 100 start-ups shut down in last three years and the main reason behind it was the uncertainty of the so-called facilitators. It is said so because the restaurant business was abstracted which revolves around dining, taste, quality, ambiance and in-restaurant service which is more important than the speed whereas in on demand delivery apps require two main entity that is quality and speed.

Many questions come to our mind when we talk about IoT devices, how this mechanism will work? Are they ready to adapt delivery apps which are running these days? What benefits will we enjoy with IoT app development?

Let’s go through some key changes which will make our life more easy and comfy.

Smart Kitchen:

A kitchen which is cloud based where kitchen appliances and utensils are connected and can talk to each other. Just, for instance, a smart oven bake any dish based on the information acquired from the recipe app. Another example, A smart coffee maker brew coffee as per your mood.

If future is all about smart kitchen then diners using their smart phones to control a smart tandoor griller inside restaurant’s kitchen will become a revolution. Overall, the smart kitchen will be boon to on-delivery apps as it will ensure speed and quality of the food.


Future Kitchen || Photo Credit: www.news.cision.com

Fresh Food all the time

Food delivery services often lack in providing fresh food in terms of moisture or temperature during transit. But with IoT powered food delivery app solution changes can be seen such as sensors equipped delivery boxes which will warn the delivery boy and restaurant team about the temperature inside it if it drops below the desired value.


Eat fresh, feel fresh || photo Credit: www.techinasia.com

How does it work?

Delivery boys collect food then raise the food temperature to a standard level. Now, this level is calculated by keeping in mind various things such as outside temperature, an average speed of the delivery boy, heat quarantine property of the food box and distance from the restaurant.

Thus, fresh food dispatch and received will go hand in hand.

Stability of Food Delivery Apps

IoT powered Food Delivery Solutions and Smart Kitchen both together will make faster deliveries along with better food quality which will lead to happier customer and rapid growth. This technology will attract a number of investors and new restaurant partners.

Is there a future of Hyper-local grocery delivery services?

Sometimes, delivery boy can come across a problem where the customer ordered grocery items which are unavailable in a store so in that case, he has to buy from different grocery stores which might take a lot of time for delivery. If grocery merchants and IoT devices come together then delivery boy need not visit multiple stores. Moderately, he can check a status of nearby stores with grocery mobility solution in form of a mobile app and can deliver to the shopper.


A customer always looks for fast delivery || photo Credit: www.bizztor.com

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